Monday, November 20, 2006

Who Cares About OJ Simpson?

Most of the readers of this blog find it
via keyword searches at blog search engines.
Most of the keywords have been related to either
Greta Van Susteren, the Duke Lacrosse rape case or
Trenton Duckett. Last week I posted about the full
hour OTR on OJ Simpson. Not one site visitor found this
blog because they did a search related to OJ Simpson.
That tells us something about what mainstream America
cares about. And from that we can extrapolate. If the
posts here about OJ are not getting hits, Greta's
airtime about OJ is not getting ratings. Yet, what does
she dedicate her Gretawire to today (again)? OJ. Greta
is really the only one who cares about him. That is what
launched her journalism career. If it hadn't been for OJ,
Greta would be filing motions at the courthouse today.
Fun! OJ is good for something. Greta. But does that justify
projecting her love for OJ onto everybody else as if they
tune into her show and read her blog because they are
looking forward to OJ? No way. The stats tell the truth.
OJ is for Greta, not us. Let's move on already. Back to
the Duke Lacrosse rape case, because that is what the
viewers really care about.


Oscar said...

O.J. Simpson, you are so dumb. For so long you have evaded the scrutiny you were under. then you blow it. Like a swimmer going into shark infested waters.

Anonymous said...

oj well he is finallyin jail where he belongs, if the cell fits you must not aquit.

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