Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dan Abrams, etc.

Did you all know MSNBC has brought back the Dan Abrams program?
One hour before Greta, live. It doesn't show up in my DirecTV guide.
It just says MSNBC LIVE. Tune in, I like that guy.

It's been quite awhile since I posted to the blog. I have to work
for a living, unfortuneately. I am on the upswing of a serious back
injury recovery over the past month. I have been watching the cable news
channels all day, everyday. Since before the MN bridge broke, I have been
flat on my back, in pain, ughing and owwing. No pain pills. Just ice.

All day, it is OJ, Utah miners, Britney Spears, MN bridge collapse,
NJ schoolyard murders, election 2008 candidates, east coast weather,
war on terror, illegal immigrants, Conn. home invasion, missing
persons, Anna Nicole Smith, Playboy, Lindsay Lohan, and Michael Vick.

At the end of the day it is Greta and guess what? It is the same ole,
same ole that all the other FOX News shows have been covering all day.
Nothing new. Don't laugh, yeah, I used to really think Greta worked. Stop
laughing. I mean it. I am such an idiot, I guess. This woman is picking
about seven stories from a menu of 15 a day. No wonder she has most of the
facts of the stories she covers wrong. She is just dishing out the
leftovers that broke earlier in the day. Leftover spaghetti. Not even
that impressive.

Best of wishes to Paris and Nicole and Dan Abrams. You go!
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