Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dan Abrams, etc.

Did you all know MSNBC has brought back the Dan Abrams program?
One hour before Greta, live. It doesn't show up in my DirecTV guide.
It just says MSNBC LIVE. Tune in, I like that guy.

It's been quite awhile since I posted to the blog. I have to work
for a living, unfortuneately. I am on the upswing of a serious back
injury recovery over the past month. I have been watching the cable news
channels all day, everyday. Since before the MN bridge broke, I have been
flat on my back, in pain, ughing and owwing. No pain pills. Just ice.

All day, it is OJ, Utah miners, Britney Spears, MN bridge collapse,
NJ schoolyard murders, election 2008 candidates, east coast weather,
war on terror, illegal immigrants, Conn. home invasion, missing
persons, Anna Nicole Smith, Playboy, Lindsay Lohan, and Michael Vick.

At the end of the day it is Greta and guess what? It is the same ole,
same ole that all the other FOX News shows have been covering all day.
Nothing new. Don't laugh, yeah, I used to really think Greta worked. Stop
laughing. I mean it. I am such an idiot, I guess. This woman is picking
about seven stories from a menu of 15 a day. No wonder she has most of the
facts of the stories she covers wrong. She is just dishing out the
leftovers that broke earlier in the day. Leftover spaghetti. Not even
that impressive.

Best of wishes to Paris and Nicole and Dan Abrams. You go!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

You Have All Been Told Some Fantastic Lies!

"You Have All Been Told Some Fantastic Lies!" - David Evans

I only wish Kirk Osborn were here to share this day!
His hard work was certainly instrumental to this outcome.
Reade, Collin and David are all innocent. Bless NC Attorney
General Roy Cooper for his complete honesty, for not skirting
the truth for the sake of the taxpayers, politics or political
correctness, for his frankness and candidness.

It has been a long road, albeit Greta Van Susteren's roadblocks,
but the Duke Lacrosse players are vindicated.

Read the dismissal motion.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

In Memory Of Kirk Osborn, A Beautiful Man

According to the Raleigh N&O, Kirk Osborn has died today. Kirk has
been Reade Seligmann's tireless attorney on the Duke Lacrosse case.

Over the past year, I was fortunate to correspond with Kirk via
e-mail and came to know him as a beautiful man. He always answered
each and every message. Such a champion of the presumption of
innocence, such a champion of Reade's innocence, such a champion
of the supporters and bloggers of the Duke Lacrosse case. I am so
saddened to learn of his death. I know he was not a very old man
so this is such a shock. My heart goes out to his family and Reade and
to Kirk's colleagues and friends. I know he made a great contribution to
justice for Reade and others. His intelligence, compassion, commitment and
temperment held well against a man like Mike Nifong in the courts. I still
have recordings of the hearings before they ruled the cameras out showing
Kirk's steadfast, compelling, yet tempered arguments in the face of
Nifong's persecution of his client. I am going to keep those tapes. There
was a champion, there was Kirk Osborn. Rest in peace, my hero.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Visit: One Smart Chick

I invite all those seeking to honor the memory
of Anna Nicole Smith and her wishes to visit a
new blog:

One Smart Chick

Blogger Captain Jane carefully analyzes the issues posed
in the media surrounding Anna's death and gives support
to Howard K. Stern, Anna's surviving partner in life who
is busy fathering Dannielynn, their daughter. Salute
to Jane!

Will Greta ask Bush about pardoning Libby?

The only thing I am looking forward to hearing
from Bush tomorrow during Greta Van Susteren's
interview with him is if he plans to pardon
Scooter Libby. Greta likes to brag about playing
with 'the big boys' now instead of just being a legal
analyst. Will she be MAN enough to ask Bush this

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Lately, I am too fed up with Greta Van Susteren and her
slandering of Howard K. Stern to want to blog about her show.
It is just too disgusting. So instead, I want to recommend a
wonderful blog I have found that is dedicated to honoring
the memory and wishes of Anna Nicole Smith and the efforts
of Howard K. Stern to fulfill those wishes. Please visit:

There is a blog there as well as a forum and many, many
wonderful people working together to offset the hatred being
spread by Greta Van Susteren and I recently learned that
TMZ is owned by Time Warner, which also owns CNN, HNN, Court TV
so you can expect to hear Nancy Grace, Larry King and Catherine
Crier giving hollow echoes to the hatred of Harvey Levin. Why
Greta has to follow suit, I do not understand. There are no
corporate relations between Fox News and Time Warner. Maybe
Greta is just evil. That is all I can think of. She will get
hers, no matter, what comes around goes around.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Greta Van Susteren Slanders Howard K. Stern

On February 21, Greta Van Susteren slandered Howard K. Stern,
the attorney for Anna Nicole Smith, stating that he had not
had a very successful legal career in response to testimony
by Stern that he was depending on his parents for money.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Howard K. Stern just
won his appeal last year that was heard in United States Supreme
Court. We know Greta has never had any case heard in our nation's
highest court, let alone won the approval of its honored
justices. Just because his work on that case is subject to
payment according to a contingency retainer, payable in the amount
of $6 million upon final judgment, and that judgment has yet to
be awarded, it does not negate its value at this time. Stern also
testified that the money received from his parents was on loan,
not gifted. It is not a legal form of income. Who has not
mortgaged a home with a loan before?

It is not like Stern has not been working. He has a job to do
to litigate Anna Nicole Smith's claim to her late husbands estate.
The litigation is continuing and may not be settled for years. There
is work to be done for attorneys involved in litigation, especially
when it involves climbing the ladder of courts that lead to our US
Supreme Court.

Obviously Stern is getting a bad rap based on the circumstances
of Smith's recent death. One thing I think we can conclude is that
Stern is not responsible for her death because he has not been
arrested for it and the cause of death has been known for at least
four days when the ME stated that people are going to be surprised
when the cause of death is released to the public.

On February 20 and 21 when Greta played the video of Smith being
filmed by Stern with her face painted, it seems obvious the intent
was an inflammatory attack on Stern. Blogs and quickly
concluded that Stern was a golddigger. But think about it. Did Stern
sell the video to the media? No he didn't. Greta received it from
Ford Shelly who stole it from Smith's residence. Yes, stole it, which
Greta disputes. The fact is that when a tenant dies, the owner does not
have any right to the property of the dead tenant. And any co-tenants
still living in the residence must be legally evicted. That is both the
law in the US and in the Bahamas. What Ford Shelly did was criminal when
he removed property from the home of Anna Nicole Smith after her death.
It makes no difference if he claims he was protecting it or not; either
way, removal was theft. He also changed the locks. He did not have to
remove the property in order to protect it. Changing the locks and
securing the residence was sufficient. He should have notified the police
if he feared other theft.

I am sick of the bad rap Stern is getting from Greta and and
other media. He is truly an underdog. A smart one though. He wants to
bury Smith and father her daughter as Smith wanted. So far he is pretty
successful. He is using Bahaman law to retain custody of the child and
as of now, no one can figure out any way to interfere with that. What
matters more to him, honoring Anna's wishes or the desires of the
biological father of the baby? As it stands, Stern is the legal father
and that is enough based on Bahaman law. His name is on the birth
certificate. Anna put it there. It does not matter that Stern is not
the biological father. Bahama law trumps that. I hope Stern prevails
just because he is emerging as the underdog in this fight and he is
getting a bad, unfair rap, one he has done nothing to deserve. All he
has done is try to honor Anna's wishes. There is no evidence he is a
murderer, a drug enabler, or any other form of criminal. He is on a
mission and damn it, he is succeeding. It is just like our Duke Lacrosse
players down in Durham.

Let the underdogs prevail. People like Greta and Ford Shelly and
Harvey Levin that resort to slander tactics and property theft and
crucification in the media are low. They lack character and integrity.
But we already knew that about Greta. She is the one that lied to us about
the birth of the Duke accuser's baby in November just so she could become
the media story herself by being the first to report it even though there
was no truth to it. And on she goes...

Monday, January 22, 2007

Greta Van Susteren, Projecting: Here Come the Haters

Today, Greta Van Susteren wrote her first blog entry for 2007. It
is titled: Here Come the Haters. She is referring to those who
rely on personal attacks to poison constructive debates and discussion
of issues. She does not name anyone in particular. She doesn't define
or qualify tactics used.

The first thing that came to mind when I read this sermon was the last
time Greta used her show to personally attack Nicole Richie after she was
arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence. On December 12,
Greta made the following attacks about Nicole to her legal panel:

"It's like a loaded weapon."

"Do you find out who she got the vicodin from or the marijuana?"

"When the first report came in on 911, it said she was going the wrong way."

"As a prosecutor, what do you give her?"

No presumption of innocence! And the 911 call about driving the wrong way
was never substantiated to be about Nicole. It was a call about a vehicle that
looked like hers, but no plates were identified. The windows were tinted and
it was nighttime. You cannot see the driver. That is media spin started by TMZ would qualify as one of Greta's haters and Greta qualifies
as one of the persons her blog today preaches to. Nicole was not charged
with driving the wrong way. There was no evidence to support such a charge.
It is a product purely from media spin. People that drive the wrong way on the
freeway do not just get tickets for it in California, they are arrested and
charged with a crime. California Vehicle Code:

40000.13. A violation of any of the following provisions is a misdemeanor,
and not an infraction:

(d) Section 21651, subdivision (b), relating to wrong-way driving on
divided highways.

Now if that does not qualify as hatred, taking an arrest and making it into
something doubly worse with no evidence to support it other than hearsay
from another 'hater' and adding on charges that never exist in reality just
to vent hatred, vent personal attacks, I do not know what does.

When Paris Hilton was arrested, the same thing. Greta free-associated on
the air, 'What does Paris Hilton do for a living?' What does she do? She has
her own TV show. She has released her own music CD where she sings. She
created the music video to go with the music. She is the founder of a nightclub
in Florida named after herself. She has worked as a model, a designer, a writer,
a producer and she has hosted Saturday Night Live. To ask what Paris
does is as close to a personal attack as it gets. In fact Paris Hilton has earned
in salaries and earnings more than double the amount of her inheritance
from the Hilton Inn fortune. Not many heiresses can accomplish that. She
has earned way more than Greta has in her career and unlike Greta, she does
not rely on a spouse to bring home the billion dollar fortune like Greta's
husband, John P. Coale did when he won the big tobacco class action
settlements and taking a hefty lawyer's fee off the top of tens of billions of
dollars. No, Paris goes out and earns her wealth the hard way. No wonder
Greta reserves so much hatred for Paris and Nicole. They have their
inheritances plus an amplitude more they have earned themselves. Greta's
Fox News contract only paid her just under a million dollars a year. What is
five million when Paris makes ten?

So when Greta starts preaching about the haters, she is an expert because
she herself is a stealthy hater. Greta's blog today has nothing to do with
hate. It has to do with her politics. Don't be fooled.

Edited to add: Just breaking, Paris Hilton pleaded no contest to reckless
driving today in a plea agreement that dismisses her DUI charges. Notice,, the haters that Greta listens to is spinning the pleading as a 'no
contest in her DUI case'. Again, pure hatred adding up to the kind of
personal attacks Greta subscribes to. Let's just wait and see how she
reports the plea deal on her program.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Where is the Gretawire in 2007?

On December 14, 2006, Greta Van Susteren's daily blog, Gretawire, went dark. It has been no more. As of today, the link for now leads, not to an edition of Gretawire, but to the homepage at for the show, On The Record. Where is Gretawire? Greta is being quiet on the front about this.

Yesterday on the O'Reilly Factor, Greta appeared as a guest with Bill and informed him they will have known each other for five whole years on Febuary 4, 2007. That day will mark the fifth anniversary of the show, On The Record, and the end of the fifth year of Greta's five year contract at Fox News.

Can we presume the disappearance of Gretawire is a hint leading to the soon to be disappearance of Greta after February 3, 2007? Greta has not been up to the job for months. She has treated the Duke Lacrosse Rape case as simpleinfo-tainment, never bothering to research the facts of the case herself. It was not until December 2006 that she learned there were no grand jury transcripts for these players' indictments! Eight months after the fact! That is rather a long time to get by doing the minimal essential for a job that is paying her about $1 million a year. She skates by cheering on the arrests of substance abusers like Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton who are more in need of medical treatment in place of self-medication for their biochemical inbalances and in rehab and compassion rather a gleeful media tramp making fun of their medical disabilities. Yes, Greta might do some research and learn that substance abuse and addiction is recognized as a legal disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act. No, she would rather play big bully and laugh at their mugshots. How small and evil of her. I for one will be happy to see Greta go. I will not miss her or her hateful tirades one bit. Good riddance, bitchy one.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Duke Lacrosse Nifong Bar Complaint: Where is Greta Van Susteren?

Where is Greta Van Susteren mentioned in the Duke Lacrosse rape case bar complaint against Mike Nifong? No where! Her name is NOT in the complaint! Do you hear that Greta? Miss Legal Analyst, Queen of Rape Cases since William Kennedy Smith stood trial for rape? Your name is missing in action, Greta. Go read the complaint:

Yesterday, the North Carolina State Bar filed charges in a complaint against DA Mike Nifong who is prosecuting the Duke Lacrosse Rape case. The complaint is literally a who's who in the elite media industry of crime journalism. I have to take a moment to cite all the media mentions in the 17-page document:

  • WRAL News
  • Rene Syler of CBS Early Show
  • Raleigh News and Observer
  • Charlotte Observer
  • ABC 11 News
  • ABC News
  • CBS News
  • CNN
  • Newsweek Magazine
  • NBC 17 News
  • New York Times
  • Durham Herald-Sun
  • George Smith, ESPN
  • ESPN News
  • The Devil's Advocate
  • USA Today

Where is Greta? Ha! She is not there. She was sleeping, I guess. Dreaming of her glee with which she would shed upon the next alcohol or drug-addicted patient that gets arrested next. Simple things for Greta, she is getting old. How could she have cognizance of prosecutorial misconduct when she is barely making it on the air cheerleading the arrests of substance abusers? Not one mention of that tabloid hee haw channel called Fox News! Not one, I say.

Oh, don't cry Greta, they forgot your cheerleader buddy Catherine Crier and Court TV too. No Nancy Grace, damn! I like Nancy. How could they leave out Greta though? This is not good Greta.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Duke Lacrosse Rape Case Day

I declare today to be Duke Lacrosse Rape Case Day. Vacation is over, Greta Van Susteren. Today is going to be a big day in the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case.

How does Judge W. Osmond Smith III sleep at night?

I do believe there is a gag order in place in this case and Judge Smith put his personal touch on it, ordering all the attorneys involved in the Duke Lacrosse Rape case not to speak to the media. So last Thursday, Mike Nifong invites the New York Times to his office for three hours for an interview that materialized over the weekend. Of course, Duff Wilson must have called Joe Cheshire on Friday morning to get his side of the story, so Joe, thinking, well, if Mike can pee on the judge, so can I. We know Joe Cheshire invited a TV press conference into his offices Friday afternoon, 3 pm. Now, keep in mind, these attorneys have the judge's calendar for the holiday and they knew when he was going home on Friday for the four day holiday Christmas weekend. Probably at noon. So WTF, I bet that is what they all were thinking. Everybody in the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case peed on Judge Osmond and his silly gag order and when he shows up for work today, I am expecting some judicial notices to make the news.

Hear that Greta? So crawl out of your Clearwater, Florida beachfront bed and get to Durham quick! You may be able to get Mike Nifong's mug shot at the court clerk's office and be the first one. Hurry, I think Mike Nifong is hiding in a closet somewhere, holding a gun up to his head. Maybe you can get there and do something to save him, Greta. Don't let him pull the trigger! Hurry!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Duke Lacrosse Rape: Greta Van Susteren Lied About Birth

Greta Van Susteren outright lied to millions of viewers about the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case accuser having a baby yesterday.

Just when I think I am being too hard on Greta, just when I am trying to find the balance between abuse and punishment, just when I think I need to try to write something nice about Greta when all I ever do is rag on her, she goes and commits another inexcusable blunder. She outright lied to us. She wanted so bad to be the FIRST. It had to be about Greta. She had to steal the Duke story from Collin and Reade and Dave and make it about herself, herself being the first to report about the accuser having a baby, she outright lied. That baby has not been born!! Damn you Greta! How dare you! How dare you insult us with your lies to make you look good with an EXCLUSIVE first report. All lies. You have disgraced yourself. You need to go find a rock and hide. No one wants to see you anymore. You are not trustworthy to report news. You want so bad to get attention, you make up the news.

I saw you on Shep's show last night telling us the accuser just gave birth. I saw you. November 14. Exactly one pregnancy term since the false rape accusation. How surreal is that? It isn't surreal at all, it is Greta trying to receive credit for a fraudulent deed poorly done. Despicable, you are. Bad Greta! Go to your room. You are grounded for life, young lady. You have no integrity. You lack character. You are pathetic. Go away. You do not deserve to have a blogger to guide you in the right direction.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Give Greta Van Susteren's FNC Contract to Someone Committed to Excellence

Greta Van Susteren covered the Duke Lacrosse Rape case on
OTR yesterday.

There is nothing like 'Gretchen gretchen gretchen'
to send your hopes crashing to the ground when finally
a US Congressman, Rep. Walter Jones, takes authoritative action
against Durham DA Mike Nifong, prosecutor of the Duke
Lacrosse Rape Hoax Case, and he appears on OTR live only
to call her by a name other than her own. Did Greta Van
Susteren not take a single minute to prepare her guest for
a live media interview by introducing herself to him? Is
she so busy being worried about Nicole Richie, who is
presumed innocent by the way, that she cannot get her priorities
straight in how to delegate minutes to matters of grave
importance like the Duke case and making sure she can
cover the story in a manner that appears to deliver a credible
and forceful account of how the lives of Collin Finnerty, Reade
Seligmann and David Evans are being destroyed? No, she would rather
be judge, jury and executioner of trying Nicole Richie in the media
by outright slandering her for taking vicodin which Greta stated she
obtained illegally without prescription without even first bothering
to check facts with Nicole's physician beforehand! What did Nicole
ever do to Greta? Nothing! That girl has a medical problem and we
are lucky to still have her with us and the last thing she needs is
to be convicted in the media without a trial, denied her own
constitutional rights by being presumed guilty so we can kill a
dog that is already down on the ground suffering, about to drop
dead from starvation. What the media owes Nicole, what Greta should
have had maturity to give her is presumption of innocence and
compassion and hope as a fellow human being instead of that trashing
that took precious time away from Collin and Reade from having
their injustices receive a halfway decent, credible account
in the news. 'Gretchen, Gretchen, Gretchen'. Pathetic sloppy

And to make matters worse, we wake up to a Gretawire
today that is going 'dark'. Is Greta's job that she always
brags about being so easy taking a toll? Is it too HARD for
her now? Is she tired? She has been getting by with sloppy
efforts and minimal essential performance for months. She
has been at Fox News for five years now. That sounds like a
nice contract number and I bet her employment contract is up
for renewal this month. Is it getting renewed? I really have to
say, I hope not! She takes up a prime slot in the evening that
needs to be given to a journalist that is committed to excellence
and going the extra mile. Someone that will do some basic fact-
checking at the least. Someone that will extend presumption
of innocence to all defendants' cases that land on his or her media
desk with strict, unabiding integrity, and not just toward Tom
Delay. Where is the honorable legal analyst that will presume
Nicole Richie, Collin Finnerty, Neil Entwistle, Jason Young,
William Jefferson, Paris Hilton, Jeff Skilling, Wesley Snipes,
Joran Van Der Sloot all innocent until proven guilty? And once a
jury verdict returns 'not guilty', continue that presumption of
innocence instead of whine that 'not guilty' does not mean the
defendant was judged to be innocent? Where is he or she? It is not
Greta. She picks and chooses her media defendants and declares the
ones she doesn't like guilty before trial while declaring those
found not guilty to be guilty, like OJ, while declaring those found
to be guilty, innocent like Mark Fuhrman. Let's just forget the justice
system, Greta is in charge. I'll say not. I want to see a legal analyst
in primetime with some integrity that asserts a principle like presumption
of innocence and stick to it loyally, rather than pick and choose like
Greta does. I hope Fox News doesn't renew her contract. She is a sloppy, egotistical, lazy, suck-up, PC excuse for a journalist. She lies
to the viewers and spins news and tries to hurt suffering young
adults trying to get by in a world that could very well be blown
to nuclear shreds any day now. We are all trying to get by.
We try to help others if we can, help Collin. Help Reade. Help
Dave. Leave Paris and Nicole alone. I happen to enjoy The Simple
Life. It makes me laugh when sad things happen in my life and
it makes me feel loved when I am all alone and it makes me feel
real when I am a complete nobody. It completes my life, it does
and Paris and Nicole should get credit for work that improves the
quality of somebody else's existence in this world. They have never
hurt anyone. They are both presumed innocent. We do not know for a
fact Nicole drove the wrong way on the freeway. There is nothing to
substantiate that story but conjecture from a 911 call. No admission.
Nothing. She was lost. She could have been going in reverse on the
freeway onramp shoulder at 2 mph to get off the freeway. No one knows.
The 911 call did not cite a license plate. It is wrong for Greta and
everyone else (I am talking to you too Catherine Crier Wire) to presume
she was about to kill people when in fact she could have just been going
backward slowly on the shoulder of the road which is unlikely to
cause any death. But they want to spin it because Camille Paglia
says so. My my my. The poor middle aged feminists. You self-absorbed
media madens, leave Paris and Nicole alone and start doing something
good in this world like presenting credible and believeable,
researched, fact-checked accounts of what is going on in the Duke
Lacrosse rape case. Get to work Greta! I want to see an interview
with AG Alberto Gonzales tonight. Do you hear me? Get to work
on it now!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Did Greta Van Susteren get stoned today?

Greta Van Susteren just did her live promo during
the Hannity and Colmes 9:40 pm break and announced
a new Oregon search and rescue just like, get this,
she said just like the one done for JASON Kim.

Greta, are you stoned or drunk? It is not Jason Kim.
It is James Kim. Jason is Jason Young and he is in North
Carolina. In Raleigh. That place next to Durham where
we have the Duke Lacrosse Rape Hoax Scandal. You better
shape up Greta. Leave those marijuana joints for bedtime
for now on. Or before you know it, your cozy little media
job you hold down, not for the salary or the work or
the love of it, but because you need it in order to beat
the stock market crash that is going to happen when we
pull out of Iraq and all the Titan and Raytheon and other
defense contracts that you have your tidy $4 billion net
worth tied up in dissolve and that you need your job for the
information deadline on when to sell those shares and trade
them in for Dubai dirhams before the American dollar crashes.
You think it is funny that George Bush did to the USA what Ken
Lay and Jeff Skilling did to Enron just so you could sit back and
enjoy the ride waiting for the troops to return from war knowing you
would beat the clock at the stock market before the share price hits the
ground. Meanwhile, Reade Seligman and Collin Finnerty that needed
you to do more than twiddle your thumbs with your power, have
their lives ruined and their families destroyed by your boy Mike Nifong
because your job is not about work to you, but that it is about
beating the stock market clock. We know what you are up to Greta.
We know that no one with a $4 billion net worth needs a $1 million salary
in a media job where they must kiss butt and whisper secrets and
tattle and get tattled on amongst all their corporate colleagues trying
to climb the big NewsCorp ladder to the elitist top while they get
chewed out by bosses and viewers and bloggers making it so they have to
go smoke a joint everyday before they go to work. We know no one
that rich would subject themselves to that turmoil unless they really
needed that job for a good reason. Your sister did not win the Maryland
US Senate race this year and so Fox News is your only connection to the
President. You need that job. Well, you better stop slacking off or
you are going to lose it. Get to work!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Is Greta Van Susteren bulimic?

Today's Gretawire, Nov. 28, bothers me. I am trying
to put together the mentality of someone that
admits to no self-discipline with respect to her
eating habits yet maintains the same weight she has
had since she was 16 and the need to hear confessions
from her overweight audience about how many pounds
overweight they are. It just does not all fit so
nicely together. There is a piece missing in the puzzle
and it is not so much missing as it is being hidden
by Greta. Like a cry for help sort of. Is Greta Van
Susteren crying out for help? Could the missing
piece be something like bulimia? Would she tell us?
Can we trust her to tell us the truth? Personally, my
confidence in her giving a truthful answer is about nil.
Not that she has anything against obesity. She is married
to a very obese man. Apparently happily married to an
obese man. Oh, how fun that must be. He cooks too. And
Greta indulges with no self-discipline yet maintains her
weight that she reached at the age 16.

She does acknowledge obesity as a problem in her blog
yet condones it in her immediate lifestyle. Condones
and focuses on the role the government plays in the
problem on a national level. One of today's e-mails I
liked pointed to the government's control over advertising,
yet belied the extent of its influence with respect
to smoking at least. Most of the e-mails took the conservative
perspective to keep government out of the obesity problem.
But what about the FDA? They took all the appetite control
supplements off the market. Europe has a mere fraction
of the obesity problem our country has because the EU
allows its citizens to take appetite pills. Well, there you go.

My only problem with weight is beer so I think the government
can get rid of all the beer commercials. And the Tanquerays and
Kalua ones too. Who needs it? Alcohol not only has invisible
calories, it slows down your metabolism. If the government is going
to regulate the drinking age, they can be creative. Drink legally
at 21, stop at 22 until you turn 25. Drink at 25, stop at 26, until
you turn 30. Make it fun! It would help obesity, drunk driving,
alcoholism, and health care policy. Some states ban drinking by race.
I am not kidding. Go to Georgia. They have some dry counties there
where the only establishments allowed to serve alcohol are clubs.
The clubs are private and censor their members and only allow
caucasian whites to join. They are legal. I do not know why the blacks
do not have any clubs of their own.

Back to Gretawire. The FDA regulates gastric surgery. Liposuction.
Food labelling. The government controls advertising, alcohol, PE.
What is Greta looking for? What can the government do for her husband's
obesity? Would she like him if he was not obese? Maybe her father
was obese too. She did not choose to marry the looks of a George
Clooney or Brad Pitt.

Maybe she is wondering about her own obesity? She needs to overcome
her own diet problems and is assessing her options? Hmmm, that sounds
better. She is doomed to become obese and wants the government
to do something about it? She wants some of those Dutch drugs? Yeah!!
I am going to settle on that. To be continued as she emits new clues.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Good News Corp.

News Corporation owns Fox News which owns On The
Record with Greta Van Susteren. They just now cancelled
OJ! Good. It was News Corp. at the top of that fiasco
with Rupert Murdoch responsible for hiring Judith Regan
of ReganBooks at Harper Collins and the host of the
Fox Broadcast program about OJ Simpson. News Corp.
owns all of them top to bottom. I wonder if this means
they plan to cancel Greta too? She better shape up!

Who Cares About OJ Simpson?

Most of the readers of this blog find it
via keyword searches at blog search engines.
Most of the keywords have been related to either
Greta Van Susteren, the Duke Lacrosse rape case or
Trenton Duckett. Last week I posted about the full
hour OTR on OJ Simpson. Not one site visitor found this
blog because they did a search related to OJ Simpson.
That tells us something about what mainstream America
cares about. And from that we can extrapolate. If the
posts here about OJ are not getting hits, Greta's
airtime about OJ is not getting ratings. Yet, what does
she dedicate her Gretawire to today (again)? OJ. Greta
is really the only one who cares about him. That is what
launched her journalism career. If it hadn't been for OJ,
Greta would be filing motions at the courthouse today.
Fun! OJ is good for something. Greta. But does that justify
projecting her love for OJ onto everybody else as if they
tune into her show and read her blog because they are
looking forward to OJ? No way. The stats tell the truth.
OJ is for Greta, not us. Let's move on already. Back to
the Duke Lacrosse rape case, because that is what the
viewers really care about.

Friday, November 17, 2006

November 17 OTR: Did OJ confess?

Tonight, Greta Van Susteren ended her program
with a clip from her 2004 interview with OJ Simpson,
asking, in a tone that seemed to imply he did,
if OJ confessed to her.

I watched her soundbite twice and could not detect
even a subtle confession. What is the point she was
making? She dedicated her entire program to OJ
this evening. Earlier this week, she has dedicated
tiring segments more. She has dedicated more air
time and promotion to OJ than OJ's confessional
special coming up in two weeks on Fox itself spans.

I am going to watch the OJ special. Sue me. If he
wants to confess, let him, I would like to hear how
he does it.

One thing I would like to know. This week I have
heard countless times from anchors that they will
not watch the OJ confession on TV or support any
company that sponsers it. Well, answer this. How will
they know who the sponsors are if they do not plan to
watch it?

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

November 15 OTR: Trenton Duckett

Greta Van Susteren apparently has decided to scoop
Nancy Grace in the Trenton Duckett story. I have never
heard Greta report on Trenton's disappearance before.
Back in September, Nancy Grace made huge ratings when
Melinda Duckett, Trenton's mother, committed suicide
after a tough interview with her. That was after the 2 yr.
old turned up missing August 27.

I have come to think that Nancy owned the Trenton Duckett
story like Greta owned the Natalee Holloway story. And
it was Fox News that started the squatters rights
competition on missing people stories. What bothers me
today is that Greta appeared on the O'Reilly Factor
earlier today before doing her own show and reported
some information I have heard nowhere else.

Greta's demeanor on O'Reilly was her old manic
self that she used to betray on his show when she
came on to talk about Natalee Holloway. Talking a mile a
minute, over-confident, authoritative, hyper, excited, giddy
about the information she brought forth. Just really
over-hyping it and she closed with "This is huge
Bill!". Now here's the part that concerns me. Print reports
and Nancy Grace say a Wendy's employee saw Melinda in the
drive thru twice on August 27. Greta's version inserts a
third sighting:

"About 4 o'clock in the afternoon, she was seen a third
time, the child wasn't there, but she was there with two
men and a woman."

I watched Nancy tonight. I did google news searches and
nowhere can I find any corroboration about the third
sighting. Later, when Greta did her own show, the Fox
News correspondent mentioned the third sighting too. On
both shows, she refuses to say the name Nancy Grace and
refers to Nancy as 'the pressure of accusations' with
respect to Melinda's suicide.

The third sighting makes the police report more believeable.
Where was Trenton? Was there a fourth female with Trenton?
If Melinda was at Wendy's at 4 pm, could she had returned home
in time to watch a video with guests as she reported initially
prior to finding Trenton gone? Were the two men watching the
video the same two men at the Wendys? (Probably not). So many
questions. Why is the third sighting not in any other news

Thursday, November 09, 2006

November 8 OTR: Did Mike Nifong Win the Durham DA Election?

Yesterday on OTR, Greta Van Susteren reported
the results of the Durham, NC district attorney
election. Mike Nifong, the DA prosecuting the Duke
Lacrosse rape case, won the election with 49% of
the votes. Lewis Cheek trailed Mike Nifong with 39%.

I have a problem with this report. These numbers do
not include any of the provisional ballots according
to News and Observer:

"Nifong, on the ballot as a Democrat, received 26,116
votes or 49 percent, according to unofficial results
that exclude provisional ballots."

Why are the provisional ballots important? They are extremely
important, because a Duke University group, Duke Students
for an Ethical Durham was formed to register as many students
as possible before the October 13 deadline. However, the students
also had another requirement in order for their name to appear
on the precinct list according to Mike Ashe, director of elections
for Durham County in an article in the Duke Chronicle:

"Students may either go to their old precincts to
get transfer forms and then vote at their new
precincts, or they may vote using provisional ballots
at their new precincts, he said."

Most of the students' old precincts are several states away
and they were in the middle of a school semester. I take that to
mean that most of the Duke students that just voted in this
election were given provisional ballots and their votes have
yet to be counted.

This leaves me very eeerie about the election results. Provisional
ballots are controversial and sometimes the subject of voter
corruption. Having a select group of voters restricted to using
provisional ballots, especially in an election like this when
that group is large and likely containing votes for the opponent
of the winning candidate is troubling. When will the provisional
votes be counted? According to Durham News:

"Provisional ballots are returned to the Board of
Elections office in a sealed bag and are researched
to verify that the voter was eligible and filled out
the correct ballot."

One by one, that could take weeks.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

November 8 Gretawire

Greta Van Susteren writes today in her November 8

As for watching the returns, I watched at home with my
husband. The women will be happy to know that I got
command of the remote control from my husband for 20
minutes last night. (He ran out to get us Chinese
food. Upon his return I immediately relinquished
custody.) It is the only part of our relationship
which does not feel equal. (I know, all the men
reading this are pointing out that he went to get the
Chinese food. And yes, that was very nice.)

I find this ridiculous! Get a second TV. There has got
to be enough funds in the piggy bank, go get another TV and
stop complaining. Enough already.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Duke Rape:
"A Referendum on the System of Justice"

Tomorrow is election day for Mike Nifong, the
Durham, NC district attorney running for election.
On October 27 OTR, Greta Van Susteren had to ask
her guest Woody Vann, a Durham defense attorney,
who was running against Nifong. Actually, she first
asked IF anyone was running against Nifong, LOL. Not
that she had not been covering the topic all summer long
and reported on the DA election since June when write-in
candidates petitioned to appear on the ballot for tomorrow's
election. I worry about Greta sometimes. Does she
have a brain tumor? Her memory lapses are so severe.
Woody told Greta that Lewis Cheek is running against
Nifong as a recall candidate. Excellent! Vote Cheek
and Recall Nifong! (That's what I would do if I lived
in that district.)

Greta went on to ask about referring Nifong to the Bar.
How could she not know that he has already been reported
to the Bar and has charges pending upon the outcome the
Duke Lacrosse Rape case? My reading on the case is that
Duke Law professor James Coleman filed the bar complaint
late last spring.

October 27: "I'm beginning to think there is
something wrong with Nifong!"

Now, Greta? You do not remember wondering that in September
and June? The rest of the media world was. What about back
in the days when you had Susannah Meadows from Newsweek
on? She flipped on Nifong's goodness a way long time ago.

Greta also asked about the grand jury transcripts. How can
she cover this case as an attorney herself all these months
and not know that NC does not transcribe grand jury hearings?

She tells Jeff Brown on her panel that she wants to hear from
Nifong himself. She says it so nonchalantly as if it would be
just a fine thing to do. She cannot have a clue that Nifong is
under a gag order that prevents him from talking to the media.
She should know that though. Shouldn't she?

Greta does not go so far as to endorse Nifong's opponent, Lewis
Cheek. She instead says all eyes should be on this election. "It
is a referendum on the system of justice down there and we
should all be watching it." If she is going to go so far as to call
it a referendum, she might as well say 'Recall Nifong'. It is the
same thing right? Unless she doesn't think in-justice is a bad
thing. She sneaks in just enough editorial journalism to squeak,
but not enough to make a difference. Why is she so afraid?

It is too bad Greta does not take the Duke case serious enough
to treat it as anything but info-tainment journalism. What
a waste of a law degree. The media is the one constituent that
has the power to make a difference when blatant injustices
arise. The media informs the uninformed. But how can anyone
uninformed about this case give Greta or OTR any credibility
when she knows so little of the facts of the case? I personally
have followed this case since about day 10. I first learned
about it watching the now extinct Abrams Report. Where is
Dan the Man when we need him most? That guy at least did his
homework and never went on the air with this case to require
memory refreshments of himself like Greta. Her journalism is
shoddy and it is taking up vital primetime space that could
be had by someone like Dan. And even worse, it is not like Greta
is new to this case. She has been reporting on it nearly once a
week for six months. Is she just reading the tele-prompt? In one
ear and out the other? Is her memory like my PC? Turn on the
power in the morning and all of yesterday's windows have
disappeared? Is she ill? Should I be giving her a break or
kicking her butt?

Sunday, November 05, 2006

What are our neighbor blogs saying?

What are other blogs reporting about Greta Van Susteren
this week? Let's take a look:

CosmicConservative at
is saying:

"I don't watch TV much, but the thing that struck me
most about this Fox video is that Greta Van Susteren
is another ten years younger than the last time I saw
her. I may have to rethink my opinion of time travel."

Michael at
is saying:

"Fox News allows its anchors to maintain a blog on That's Ok. But do you think that these
anchors maybe report on stories or topics that they
are interested in, personally and/or professionally?
Maybe do some investigative journalism and share the
knowledge gained in their blogs? Guess again. These
blogs are as TRIVIAL and USELESS as they come. There
is no reason why a story about Greta Van Susteren
bowling in Las Vegas should be on any news site,
unless that news site is solely geared toward
reporting on her. This is a waste. The GretaWire is
ridiculous. If she wants a personal blog she should
get an account from a blogging site
( A blog on a news site
should be about news!"

There are also a lot of spam blogs that are inserting
Greta's name into their meta tags and when you click
on them, the site autoforwards to a spam search engine.
There is no blog there about Greta, sadly. I wonder if she
knows that. She must since she is doing keyword searches
on her own name. Who out there does that? Searches
out their own name in a google search? Why? Is it vain or
is it a search for a good slander lawsuit? Well, we are
safe here at the OTRblog because I only publish facts I can
back up with evidence. The truth is always a valid defense
and I post with that in mind. No slander here, no lies, no
defamation. Just truthful observations. Plus, this blogs
cares about Greta. We want to help her grow and develop.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Greta was here!

Earlier, I installed software to keep track of
the visitors here at the OTR blog. Although I e-mailed
Greta directly about the site with the link, she seems
to have found it via a different means. According
to the stats, a visitor from the network, Fox News
Channel, from the geographical location of Washington,
D.C., on November 3 (yesterday), visited the google
search engine and entered the following keyword phrase:

"Van Susteren"

Upon returning results for the search, the visitor
clicked on this blog site and while here, visited two
of the site's pages. Welcome, Greta! I hope you
visit often and learn plenty. There is no such thing
as negative publicity, remember.

As an aside (a Greta-ism!), here is more information
garnered from the stats. The rest of the visitors from
yesterday found their way here via google keyword searches
relating to the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case post I published
yesterday. From NJ, CA, ME, IL,NY and AR. It will be exciting
to get some from NC for that Duke case. I will try to post
more on the topic as material permits. Our visitor from
Rock Island, IL visited more pages than I did all day
while publishing all the posts! Welcome all.

Please take a moment to leave comments on the posts. Commenting
is not moderated and you may select 'anonymous' instead of needing
to log into an account with a password. Know that you will be
heard here, unconditionally and uncensored. No handpicking of
select comments to publish like Greta does on her Gretawire
blog. No fear of having your good name smeared because Greta
doesn't agree with your comment or presence or for not
worshipping her sufficiently, just post anonymously.

October 31 OTR: Utah Polygamy

This past Tuesday, Greta Van Susteren had a segment on
the Kingston Family in Utah that is being investigated
for incest crimes. Greta re-titled the investigation
under polygamy without basis in her discussion with
the Kingston Family attorney. She insisted in bringing
criticism of polygamy into the discussion even
though the charges have nothing to do with it. She
even got the lawyer to agree with her that polygamy
was illegal and the lawyer deferred to a law in
co-habitation being strengthened.

The facts, which Greta has never addressed are that the
Kingstons practice multiple co-habitation. CNN and
Anderson Cooper have addressed the subject in depth.
Polygamy is legally defined as multiple legal marriages.
Legal marriages are contracts entered into with the
government in exchange for a marriage license. When one
obtains a second, concurrent marriage license, one is
in sense defrauding the government and comitting bigamy
or polygamy, when the number of concurrent licenses exceeds

The polygamist religions in Utah do not practice legal
marriage according to CNN. They practice what they call
'spiritual marriages'. Their marriages are performed
without the issuance of marriage licenses. What is a
'spiritual marriage'? The term has most recently been used
in the media to describe the marriage between Anna Nicole
Smith and Howard K. Stern. Their marriage, and the media
nailed this point to the core, is not legally licensed by the
government. The couple has none of the incentives that the
government reserves for legally married couples like tax
savings, insurance dependencies and probate benefits.

The same applies to the Kingstons and the Fundamentalist LDS
religions and their marriages. The US Supreme Court has
ruled that adultery cannot be criminalized. Therefore, to have
more than one sex partner outside of legalized marriage can
neither be criminal. The law does not recognize non-legal
(or 'spiritual') marriage distinct from an unmarried status.
Therefore, under the law, there is no crime in the polygamy
occurring in Utahans' commission of multiple spiritual marriages.
Greta Van Susteren has repeatedly treated the activity as illegal
on her show although she has never covered a case where there
are criminal charges of illegal polygamy against a Utah citizen.
In the case of Warren Jeffs, another example where Greta cites
polygamy, the criminal charges are actually rape and conspiracy to
commit rape. No where is Jeffs wanted for or charged with polygamy.

We want Greta to get her facts straight. The religions of
Utah practicing polygamous spiritual marriages in the absense
of marriage licensing have a constitutional right to their
practices. As long as they are not molesting children or mating
family members, which the majority do not, they are not committing
any crimes. They do not deserve to be disparaged for their legal
practices on a cable news show by a misinformed news anchor. In fact,
they may have grounds for defamation and slander due to Greta's
coverage. I have not seen other news programs disparaging Greta
for her religious practices and she needs to extend the same
courtesy to her fellow citizens. In this country we practice freedom
of religion, whether it be Christianity, FLDS, Islam, Judaism or
any of other religions practiced on our planet.

Friday, November 03, 2006


Greta-isms are words and phrases often or
over-used by Greta Van Susteren. Ones you see
in her writing over and over again. I thought
I would keep a ledger just for fun:

As an aside
Never dull
I am curious so I assume you are too.
Behind the scenes
What's wrong with people?

Post more in the comments.

OTR November 3, 2006

One issue I have been meaning to address is
the information shown on the lower screen banner
while guests are talking. We only see their
names flash for a couple of seconds and then
disappear to be replaced with an description
of the self-explanatory topic. Since the topic
is self-explanatory, I really think it is better
to flash that and keep the guests names and
organizations visible the rest of the time. The
way Greta does it now is irritating in my opinion
and deprives the viewer of information about the

On a positive note, Greta wished all of us a good
weekend. I've never heard that one before. I wrote
her earlier and told her she was under review here
at the blog so maybe she has decided to shape up
for a change!

October 27 OTR: Police or Sheriff

On October 27, On The Record included an interview
with Riverside County Sheriff Bob Doyle. Greta introduced
the elected official as a member of the Riverside
Police Department. Uh oh. Since when did the
elected sheriff go to work for the police chief?
Let's help Greta understand police politics. The
police work for the city. The sheriff works for
the county. The police have a chief appointed by
the city's mayor while the sheriff is elected by the
county's citizens. The police fight crime within the
city while the sheriff fights crime outside all of the
city limits within the county. In Riverside, that would
include the city of Palm Springs as well as the city of
Riverside. The sheriff has a lot more responsibility
than the police. He also mans the county jail and guards
the courts with his bailiffs. To call the sheriff a policeman
is like calling the our president a senator. It is very
insulting. Let's hope this mistake does not become a habit.

November 1 OTR: Memory Lapse

On Novemeber 1, 2006, On the Record invited
Durham attorney Woody Vann on to comment on
the Duke Rape Case. Greta asked Woody about
DA Mike Nifong being sent to district court
to prosecute petty crimes to which Woody
explained the involvement of personal reasons
on behalf of the DA.

On May 2, Greta, herself interviewed Mike
Nifong which covered this very topic. See
Nifong Interview.

I will quote in hopes that she will read this
and refresh her memory:

"VAN SUSTEREN: Why do you like the job?

NIFONG: The hours. Actually, that's hard to say. When I was in law school, I knew that what I wanted to do was to be in the courtroom, and the best way to get started in the courtroom was to be an assistant district attorney. So that's a job that I looked for. And it actually was a much better job than I'd even imagined. I did that for 20 years and never considered doing anything else, and actually, probably would not be doing anything other than that right now, but for the fact that in 1999, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and that put a temporary end to my courtroom career. It got me more involved in administrative matters in the office."

Correspondence with Greta

On November 1, 2006, I sent an e-mail to Greta
inquiring about why readers could not post comments to
her blog in real time (like this blog allows) with
some remarks about her blog style that demonstrate
why such a format is important and useful. She ended
up posting my e-mail in her blog the following day along
with her own reply that followed. However, she also
replied to my message via e-mail, but the message I
received from her was quite an edited, non-PC version
of what she included in the public version of her blog.
Let's examine the differences. Her reply to me via

"For the record…the intern is either lying, or
stupid….or both…thanks for being so willing
to believe an intern over me"

Her reply to me that she published publicly in her

"ANSWER: The intern you met is either a liar or
uninformed... or perhaps both. Your willingness
to assume this about me makes you look
small. (As an aside, "What's wrong with people?")"

Interesting. Why edit her reply from 'stupid'
to 'uninformed'?

I will leave the rest of the content for the readers
here to comment upon.

On The Record and Gretawire

Fox News' On The Record with Greta Van Susteren and Gretawire

Welcome to viewers and readers. This is the place to
get your e-mails to the Gretawire posted rather than
censored and overlooked from the hand-picked
inclusions of Greta Van Susteren's daily blog at

Recently, in her blog, Greta
posted an e-mail inquiring why readers cannot post to
her blog in real-time and why her selections of
e-mails frequently appear to be clones of a particular
agenda of the day. Few readers and viewers of her
show, On The Record with Greta Van Susteren, ever get
to say their peace since she hand picks few messages
of her liking to post each day while likely hundreds
of constructive critiques get left in the dust. Say no
more. Readers may now post away here without fear of

Additionally, this blog is a place to find reviews,
critiques, criticism, praise and analysis of the
topics covered on the Fox News program, On The Record,
each evening. Your comments are encouraged to address
the blog posts as well as any other content on the
program or in the Gretawire. Let's examine how MSM
roles, ratings, Fox management direction, competitive
programming, style, accuracy, content selection, and
fanfare weigh in by taking an in depth look at this
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