Friday, December 29, 2006

Duke Lacrosse Nifong Bar Complaint: Where is Greta Van Susteren?

Where is Greta Van Susteren mentioned in the Duke Lacrosse rape case bar complaint against Mike Nifong? No where! Her name is NOT in the complaint! Do you hear that Greta? Miss Legal Analyst, Queen of Rape Cases since William Kennedy Smith stood trial for rape? Your name is missing in action, Greta. Go read the complaint:

Yesterday, the North Carolina State Bar filed charges in a complaint against DA Mike Nifong who is prosecuting the Duke Lacrosse Rape case. The complaint is literally a who's who in the elite media industry of crime journalism. I have to take a moment to cite all the media mentions in the 17-page document:

  • WRAL News
  • Rene Syler of CBS Early Show
  • Raleigh News and Observer
  • Charlotte Observer
  • ABC 11 News
  • ABC News
  • CBS News
  • CNN
  • Newsweek Magazine
  • NBC 17 News
  • New York Times
  • Durham Herald-Sun
  • George Smith, ESPN
  • ESPN News
  • The Devil's Advocate
  • USA Today

Where is Greta? Ha! She is not there. She was sleeping, I guess. Dreaming of her glee with which she would shed upon the next alcohol or drug-addicted patient that gets arrested next. Simple things for Greta, she is getting old. How could she have cognizance of prosecutorial misconduct when she is barely making it on the air cheerleading the arrests of substance abusers? Not one mention of that tabloid hee haw channel called Fox News! Not one, I say.

Oh, don't cry Greta, they forgot your cheerleader buddy Catherine Crier and Court TV too. No Nancy Grace, damn! I like Nancy. How could they leave out Greta though? This is not good Greta.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Duke Lacrosse Rape Case Day

I declare today to be Duke Lacrosse Rape Case Day. Vacation is over, Greta Van Susteren. Today is going to be a big day in the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case.

How does Judge W. Osmond Smith III sleep at night?

I do believe there is a gag order in place in this case and Judge Smith put his personal touch on it, ordering all the attorneys involved in the Duke Lacrosse Rape case not to speak to the media. So last Thursday, Mike Nifong invites the New York Times to his office for three hours for an interview that materialized over the weekend. Of course, Duff Wilson must have called Joe Cheshire on Friday morning to get his side of the story, so Joe, thinking, well, if Mike can pee on the judge, so can I. We know Joe Cheshire invited a TV press conference into his offices Friday afternoon, 3 pm. Now, keep in mind, these attorneys have the judge's calendar for the holiday and they knew when he was going home on Friday for the four day holiday Christmas weekend. Probably at noon. So WTF, I bet that is what they all were thinking. Everybody in the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case peed on Judge Osmond and his silly gag order and when he shows up for work today, I am expecting some judicial notices to make the news.

Hear that Greta? So crawl out of your Clearwater, Florida beachfront bed and get to Durham quick! You may be able to get Mike Nifong's mug shot at the court clerk's office and be the first one. Hurry, I think Mike Nifong is hiding in a closet somewhere, holding a gun up to his head. Maybe you can get there and do something to save him, Greta. Don't let him pull the trigger! Hurry!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Duke Lacrosse Rape: Greta Van Susteren Lied About Birth

Greta Van Susteren outright lied to millions of viewers about the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case accuser having a baby yesterday.

Just when I think I am being too hard on Greta, just when I am trying to find the balance between abuse and punishment, just when I think I need to try to write something nice about Greta when all I ever do is rag on her, she goes and commits another inexcusable blunder. She outright lied to us. She wanted so bad to be the FIRST. It had to be about Greta. She had to steal the Duke story from Collin and Reade and Dave and make it about herself, herself being the first to report about the accuser having a baby, she outright lied. That baby has not been born!! Damn you Greta! How dare you! How dare you insult us with your lies to make you look good with an EXCLUSIVE first report. All lies. You have disgraced yourself. You need to go find a rock and hide. No one wants to see you anymore. You are not trustworthy to report news. You want so bad to get attention, you make up the news.

I saw you on Shep's show last night telling us the accuser just gave birth. I saw you. November 14. Exactly one pregnancy term since the false rape accusation. How surreal is that? It isn't surreal at all, it is Greta trying to receive credit for a fraudulent deed poorly done. Despicable, you are. Bad Greta! Go to your room. You are grounded for life, young lady. You have no integrity. You lack character. You are pathetic. Go away. You do not deserve to have a blogger to guide you in the right direction.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Give Greta Van Susteren's FNC Contract to Someone Committed to Excellence

Greta Van Susteren covered the Duke Lacrosse Rape case on
OTR yesterday.

There is nothing like 'Gretchen gretchen gretchen'
to send your hopes crashing to the ground when finally
a US Congressman, Rep. Walter Jones, takes authoritative action
against Durham DA Mike Nifong, prosecutor of the Duke
Lacrosse Rape Hoax Case, and he appears on OTR live only
to call her by a name other than her own. Did Greta Van
Susteren not take a single minute to prepare her guest for
a live media interview by introducing herself to him? Is
she so busy being worried about Nicole Richie, who is
presumed innocent by the way, that she cannot get her priorities
straight in how to delegate minutes to matters of grave
importance like the Duke case and making sure she can
cover the story in a manner that appears to deliver a credible
and forceful account of how the lives of Collin Finnerty, Reade
Seligmann and David Evans are being destroyed? No, she would rather
be judge, jury and executioner of trying Nicole Richie in the media
by outright slandering her for taking vicodin which Greta stated she
obtained illegally without prescription without even first bothering
to check facts with Nicole's physician beforehand! What did Nicole
ever do to Greta? Nothing! That girl has a medical problem and we
are lucky to still have her with us and the last thing she needs is
to be convicted in the media without a trial, denied her own
constitutional rights by being presumed guilty so we can kill a
dog that is already down on the ground suffering, about to drop
dead from starvation. What the media owes Nicole, what Greta should
have had maturity to give her is presumption of innocence and
compassion and hope as a fellow human being instead of that trashing
that took precious time away from Collin and Reade from having
their injustices receive a halfway decent, credible account
in the news. 'Gretchen, Gretchen, Gretchen'. Pathetic sloppy

And to make matters worse, we wake up to a Gretawire
today that is going 'dark'. Is Greta's job that she always
brags about being so easy taking a toll? Is it too HARD for
her now? Is she tired? She has been getting by with sloppy
efforts and minimal essential performance for months. She
has been at Fox News for five years now. That sounds like a
nice contract number and I bet her employment contract is up
for renewal this month. Is it getting renewed? I really have to
say, I hope not! She takes up a prime slot in the evening that
needs to be given to a journalist that is committed to excellence
and going the extra mile. Someone that will do some basic fact-
checking at the least. Someone that will extend presumption
of innocence to all defendants' cases that land on his or her media
desk with strict, unabiding integrity, and not just toward Tom
Delay. Where is the honorable legal analyst that will presume
Nicole Richie, Collin Finnerty, Neil Entwistle, Jason Young,
William Jefferson, Paris Hilton, Jeff Skilling, Wesley Snipes,
Joran Van Der Sloot all innocent until proven guilty? And once a
jury verdict returns 'not guilty', continue that presumption of
innocence instead of whine that 'not guilty' does not mean the
defendant was judged to be innocent? Where is he or she? It is not
Greta. She picks and chooses her media defendants and declares the
ones she doesn't like guilty before trial while declaring those
found not guilty to be guilty, like OJ, while declaring those found
to be guilty, innocent like Mark Fuhrman. Let's just forget the justice
system, Greta is in charge. I'll say not. I want to see a legal analyst
in primetime with some integrity that asserts a principle like presumption
of innocence and stick to it loyally, rather than pick and choose like
Greta does. I hope Fox News doesn't renew her contract. She is a sloppy, egotistical, lazy, suck-up, PC excuse for a journalist. She lies
to the viewers and spins news and tries to hurt suffering young
adults trying to get by in a world that could very well be blown
to nuclear shreds any day now. We are all trying to get by.
We try to help others if we can, help Collin. Help Reade. Help
Dave. Leave Paris and Nicole alone. I happen to enjoy The Simple
Life. It makes me laugh when sad things happen in my life and
it makes me feel loved when I am all alone and it makes me feel
real when I am a complete nobody. It completes my life, it does
and Paris and Nicole should get credit for work that improves the
quality of somebody else's existence in this world. They have never
hurt anyone. They are both presumed innocent. We do not know for a
fact Nicole drove the wrong way on the freeway. There is nothing to
substantiate that story but conjecture from a 911 call. No admission.
Nothing. She was lost. She could have been going in reverse on the
freeway onramp shoulder at 2 mph to get off the freeway. No one knows.
The 911 call did not cite a license plate. It is wrong for Greta and
everyone else (I am talking to you too Catherine Crier Wire) to presume
she was about to kill people when in fact she could have just been going
backward slowly on the shoulder of the road which is unlikely to
cause any death. But they want to spin it because Camille Paglia
says so. My my my. The poor middle aged feminists. You self-absorbed
media madens, leave Paris and Nicole alone and start doing something
good in this world like presenting credible and believeable,
researched, fact-checked accounts of what is going on in the Duke
Lacrosse rape case. Get to work Greta! I want to see an interview
with AG Alberto Gonzales tonight. Do you hear me? Get to work
on it now!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Did Greta Van Susteren get stoned today?

Greta Van Susteren just did her live promo during
the Hannity and Colmes 9:40 pm break and announced
a new Oregon search and rescue just like, get this,
she said just like the one done for JASON Kim.

Greta, are you stoned or drunk? It is not Jason Kim.
It is James Kim. Jason is Jason Young and he is in North
Carolina. In Raleigh. That place next to Durham where
we have the Duke Lacrosse Rape Hoax Scandal. You better
shape up Greta. Leave those marijuana joints for bedtime
for now on. Or before you know it, your cozy little media
job you hold down, not for the salary or the work or
the love of it, but because you need it in order to beat
the stock market crash that is going to happen when we
pull out of Iraq and all the Titan and Raytheon and other
defense contracts that you have your tidy $4 billion net
worth tied up in dissolve and that you need your job for the
information deadline on when to sell those shares and trade
them in for Dubai dirhams before the American dollar crashes.
You think it is funny that George Bush did to the USA what Ken
Lay and Jeff Skilling did to Enron just so you could sit back and
enjoy the ride waiting for the troops to return from war knowing you
would beat the clock at the stock market before the share price hits the
ground. Meanwhile, Reade Seligman and Collin Finnerty that needed
you to do more than twiddle your thumbs with your power, have
their lives ruined and their families destroyed by your boy Mike Nifong
because your job is not about work to you, but that it is about
beating the stock market clock. We know what you are up to Greta.
We know that no one with a $4 billion net worth needs a $1 million salary
in a media job where they must kiss butt and whisper secrets and
tattle and get tattled on amongst all their corporate colleagues trying
to climb the big NewsCorp ladder to the elitist top while they get
chewed out by bosses and viewers and bloggers making it so they have to
go smoke a joint everyday before they go to work. We know no one
that rich would subject themselves to that turmoil unless they really
needed that job for a good reason. Your sister did not win the Maryland
US Senate race this year and so Fox News is your only connection to the
President. You need that job. Well, you better stop slacking off or
you are going to lose it. Get to work!
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