Saturday, March 10, 2007


Lately, I am too fed up with Greta Van Susteren and her
slandering of Howard K. Stern to want to blog about her show.
It is just too disgusting. So instead, I want to recommend a
wonderful blog I have found that is dedicated to honoring
the memory and wishes of Anna Nicole Smith and the efforts
of Howard K. Stern to fulfill those wishes. Please visit:

There is a blog there as well as a forum and many, many
wonderful people working together to offset the hatred being
spread by Greta Van Susteren and I recently learned that
TMZ is owned by Time Warner, which also owns CNN, HNN, Court TV
so you can expect to hear Nancy Grace, Larry King and Catherine
Crier giving hollow echoes to the hatred of Harvey Levin. Why
Greta has to follow suit, I do not understand. There are no
corporate relations between Fox News and Time Warner. Maybe
Greta is just evil. That is all I can think of. She will get
hers, no matter, what comes around goes around.

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QV said...

Good one! Very well put and thank you for the thumbs up! You are a great contributor over there. It would not be what it is without your articulate assistance.
Thanks again.

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