Monday, January 22, 2007

Greta Van Susteren, Projecting: Here Come the Haters

Today, Greta Van Susteren wrote her first blog entry for 2007. It
is titled: Here Come the Haters. She is referring to those who
rely on personal attacks to poison constructive debates and discussion
of issues. She does not name anyone in particular. She doesn't define
or qualify tactics used.

The first thing that came to mind when I read this sermon was the last
time Greta used her show to personally attack Nicole Richie after she was
arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence. On December 12,
Greta made the following attacks about Nicole to her legal panel:

"It's like a loaded weapon."

"Do you find out who she got the vicodin from or the marijuana?"

"When the first report came in on 911, it said she was going the wrong way."

"As a prosecutor, what do you give her?"

No presumption of innocence! And the 911 call about driving the wrong way
was never substantiated to be about Nicole. It was a call about a vehicle that
looked like hers, but no plates were identified. The windows were tinted and
it was nighttime. You cannot see the driver. That is media spin started by TMZ would qualify as one of Greta's haters and Greta qualifies
as one of the persons her blog today preaches to. Nicole was not charged
with driving the wrong way. There was no evidence to support such a charge.
It is a product purely from media spin. People that drive the wrong way on the
freeway do not just get tickets for it in California, they are arrested and
charged with a crime. California Vehicle Code:

40000.13. A violation of any of the following provisions is a misdemeanor,
and not an infraction:

(d) Section 21651, subdivision (b), relating to wrong-way driving on
divided highways.

Now if that does not qualify as hatred, taking an arrest and making it into
something doubly worse with no evidence to support it other than hearsay
from another 'hater' and adding on charges that never exist in reality just
to vent hatred, vent personal attacks, I do not know what does.

When Paris Hilton was arrested, the same thing. Greta free-associated on
the air, 'What does Paris Hilton do for a living?' What does she do? She has
her own TV show. She has released her own music CD where she sings. She
created the music video to go with the music. She is the founder of a nightclub
in Florida named after herself. She has worked as a model, a designer, a writer,
a producer and she has hosted Saturday Night Live. To ask what Paris
does is as close to a personal attack as it gets. In fact Paris Hilton has earned
in salaries and earnings more than double the amount of her inheritance
from the Hilton Inn fortune. Not many heiresses can accomplish that. She
has earned way more than Greta has in her career and unlike Greta, she does
not rely on a spouse to bring home the billion dollar fortune like Greta's
husband, John P. Coale did when he won the big tobacco class action
settlements and taking a hefty lawyer's fee off the top of tens of billions of
dollars. No, Paris goes out and earns her wealth the hard way. No wonder
Greta reserves so much hatred for Paris and Nicole. They have their
inheritances plus an amplitude more they have earned themselves. Greta's
Fox News contract only paid her just under a million dollars a year. What is
five million when Paris makes ten?

So when Greta starts preaching about the haters, she is an expert because
she herself is a stealthy hater. Greta's blog today has nothing to do with
hate. It has to do with her politics. Don't be fooled.

Edited to add: Just breaking, Paris Hilton pleaded no contest to reckless
driving today in a plea agreement that dismisses her DUI charges. Notice,, the haters that Greta listens to is spinning the pleading as a 'no
contest in her DUI case'. Again, pure hatred adding up to the kind of
personal attacks Greta subscribes to. Let's just wait and see how she
reports the plea deal on her program.


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