Thursday, January 04, 2007

Where is the Gretawire in 2007?

On December 14, 2006, Greta Van Susteren's daily blog, Gretawire, went dark. It has been no more. As of today, the link for now leads, not to an edition of Gretawire, but to the homepage at for the show, On The Record. Where is Gretawire? Greta is being quiet on the front about this.

Yesterday on the O'Reilly Factor, Greta appeared as a guest with Bill and informed him they will have known each other for five whole years on Febuary 4, 2007. That day will mark the fifth anniversary of the show, On The Record, and the end of the fifth year of Greta's five year contract at Fox News.

Can we presume the disappearance of Gretawire is a hint leading to the soon to be disappearance of Greta after February 3, 2007? Greta has not been up to the job for months. She has treated the Duke Lacrosse Rape case as simpleinfo-tainment, never bothering to research the facts of the case herself. It was not until December 2006 that she learned there were no grand jury transcripts for these players' indictments! Eight months after the fact! That is rather a long time to get by doing the minimal essential for a job that is paying her about $1 million a year. She skates by cheering on the arrests of substance abusers like Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton who are more in need of medical treatment in place of self-medication for their biochemical inbalances and in rehab and compassion rather a gleeful media tramp making fun of their medical disabilities. Yes, Greta might do some research and learn that substance abuse and addiction is recognized as a legal disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act. No, she would rather play big bully and laugh at their mugshots. How small and evil of her. I for one will be happy to see Greta go. I will not miss her or her hateful tirades one bit. Good riddance, bitchy one.

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