Monday, December 11, 2006

Did Greta Van Susteren get stoned today?

Greta Van Susteren just did her live promo during
the Hannity and Colmes 9:40 pm break and announced
a new Oregon search and rescue just like, get this,
she said just like the one done for JASON Kim.

Greta, are you stoned or drunk? It is not Jason Kim.
It is James Kim. Jason is Jason Young and he is in North
Carolina. In Raleigh. That place next to Durham where
we have the Duke Lacrosse Rape Hoax Scandal. You better
shape up Greta. Leave those marijuana joints for bedtime
for now on. Or before you know it, your cozy little media
job you hold down, not for the salary or the work or
the love of it, but because you need it in order to beat
the stock market crash that is going to happen when we
pull out of Iraq and all the Titan and Raytheon and other
defense contracts that you have your tidy $4 billion net
worth tied up in dissolve and that you need your job for the
information deadline on when to sell those shares and trade
them in for Dubai dirhams before the American dollar crashes.
You think it is funny that George Bush did to the USA what Ken
Lay and Jeff Skilling did to Enron just so you could sit back and
enjoy the ride waiting for the troops to return from war knowing you
would beat the clock at the stock market before the share price hits the
ground. Meanwhile, Reade Seligman and Collin Finnerty that needed
you to do more than twiddle your thumbs with your power, have
their lives ruined and their families destroyed by your boy Mike Nifong
because your job is not about work to you, but that it is about
beating the stock market clock. We know what you are up to Greta.
We know that no one with a $4 billion net worth needs a $1 million salary
in a media job where they must kiss butt and whisper secrets and
tattle and get tattled on amongst all their corporate colleagues trying
to climb the big NewsCorp ladder to the elitist top while they get
chewed out by bosses and viewers and bloggers making it so they have to
go smoke a joint everyday before they go to work. We know no one
that rich would subject themselves to that turmoil unless they really
needed that job for a good reason. Your sister did not win the Maryland
US Senate race this year and so Fox News is your only connection to the
President. You need that job. Well, you better stop slacking off or
you are going to lose it. Get to work!

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