Saturday, December 16, 2006

Duke Lacrosse Rape: Greta Van Susteren Lied About Birth

Greta Van Susteren outright lied to millions of viewers about the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case accuser having a baby yesterday.

Just when I think I am being too hard on Greta, just when I am trying to find the balance between abuse and punishment, just when I think I need to try to write something nice about Greta when all I ever do is rag on her, she goes and commits another inexcusable blunder. She outright lied to us. She wanted so bad to be the FIRST. It had to be about Greta. She had to steal the Duke story from Collin and Reade and Dave and make it about herself, herself being the first to report about the accuser having a baby, she outright lied. That baby has not been born!! Damn you Greta! How dare you! How dare you insult us with your lies to make you look good with an EXCLUSIVE first report. All lies. You have disgraced yourself. You need to go find a rock and hide. No one wants to see you anymore. You are not trustworthy to report news. You want so bad to get attention, you make up the news.

I saw you on Shep's show last night telling us the accuser just gave birth. I saw you. November 14. Exactly one pregnancy term since the false rape accusation. How surreal is that? It isn't surreal at all, it is Greta trying to receive credit for a fraudulent deed poorly done. Despicable, you are. Bad Greta! Go to your room. You are grounded for life, young lady. You have no integrity. You lack character. You are pathetic. Go away. You do not deserve to have a blogger to guide you in the right direction.

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