Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Duke Lacrosse Rape Case Day

I declare today to be Duke Lacrosse Rape Case Day. Vacation is over, Greta Van Susteren. Today is going to be a big day in the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case.

How does Judge W. Osmond Smith III sleep at night?

I do believe there is a gag order in place in this case and Judge Smith put his personal touch on it, ordering all the attorneys involved in the Duke Lacrosse Rape case not to speak to the media. So last Thursday, Mike Nifong invites the New York Times to his office for three hours for an interview that materialized over the weekend. Of course, Duff Wilson must have called Joe Cheshire on Friday morning to get his side of the story, so Joe, thinking, well, if Mike can pee on the judge, so can I. We know Joe Cheshire invited a TV press conference into his offices Friday afternoon, 3 pm. Now, keep in mind, these attorneys have the judge's calendar for the holiday and they knew when he was going home on Friday for the four day holiday Christmas weekend. Probably at noon. So WTF, I bet that is what they all were thinking. Everybody in the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case peed on Judge Osmond and his silly gag order and when he shows up for work today, I am expecting some judicial notices to make the news.

Hear that Greta? So crawl out of your Clearwater, Florida beachfront bed and get to Durham quick! You may be able to get Mike Nifong's mug shot at the court clerk's office and be the first one. Hurry, I think Mike Nifong is hiding in a closet somewhere, holding a gun up to his head. Maybe you can get there and do something to save him, Greta. Don't let him pull the trigger! Hurry!

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