Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Is Greta Van Susteren bulimic?

Today's Gretawire, Nov. 28, bothers me. I am trying
to put together the mentality of someone that
admits to no self-discipline with respect to her
eating habits yet maintains the same weight she has
had since she was 16 and the need to hear confessions
from her overweight audience about how many pounds
overweight they are. It just does not all fit so
nicely together. There is a piece missing in the puzzle
and it is not so much missing as it is being hidden
by Greta. Like a cry for help sort of. Is Greta Van
Susteren crying out for help? Could the missing
piece be something like bulimia? Would she tell us?
Can we trust her to tell us the truth? Personally, my
confidence in her giving a truthful answer is about nil.
Not that she has anything against obesity. She is married
to a very obese man. Apparently happily married to an
obese man. Oh, how fun that must be. He cooks too. And
Greta indulges with no self-discipline yet maintains her
weight that she reached at the age 16.

She does acknowledge obesity as a problem in her blog
yet condones it in her immediate lifestyle. Condones
and focuses on the role the government plays in the
problem on a national level. One of today's e-mails I
liked pointed to the government's control over advertising,
yet belied the extent of its influence with respect
to smoking at least. Most of the e-mails took the conservative
perspective to keep government out of the obesity problem.
But what about the FDA? They took all the appetite control
supplements off the market. Europe has a mere fraction
of the obesity problem our country has because the EU
allows its citizens to take appetite pills. Well, there you go.

My only problem with weight is beer so I think the government
can get rid of all the beer commercials. And the Tanquerays and
Kalua ones too. Who needs it? Alcohol not only has invisible
calories, it slows down your metabolism. If the government is going
to regulate the drinking age, they can be creative. Drink legally
at 21, stop at 22 until you turn 25. Drink at 25, stop at 26, until
you turn 30. Make it fun! It would help obesity, drunk driving,
alcoholism, and health care policy. Some states ban drinking by race.
I am not kidding. Go to Georgia. They have some dry counties there
where the only establishments allowed to serve alcohol are clubs.
The clubs are private and censor their members and only allow
caucasian whites to join. They are legal. I do not know why the blacks
do not have any clubs of their own.

Back to Gretawire. The FDA regulates gastric surgery. Liposuction.
Food labelling. The government controls advertising, alcohol, PE.
What is Greta looking for? What can the government do for her husband's
obesity? Would she like him if he was not obese? Maybe her father
was obese too. She did not choose to marry the looks of a George
Clooney or Brad Pitt.

Maybe she is wondering about her own obesity? She needs to overcome
her own diet problems and is assessing her options? Hmmm, that sounds
better. She is doomed to become obese and wants the government
to do something about it? She wants some of those Dutch drugs? Yeah!!
I am going to settle on that. To be continued as she emits new clues.

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