Friday, November 03, 2006

Correspondence with Greta

On November 1, 2006, I sent an e-mail to Greta
inquiring about why readers could not post comments to
her blog in real time (like this blog allows) with
some remarks about her blog style that demonstrate
why such a format is important and useful. She ended
up posting my e-mail in her blog the following day along
with her own reply that followed. However, she also
replied to my message via e-mail, but the message I
received from her was quite an edited, non-PC version
of what she included in the public version of her blog.
Let's examine the differences. Her reply to me via

"For the record…the intern is either lying, or
stupid….or both…thanks for being so willing
to believe an intern over me"

Her reply to me that she published publicly in her

"ANSWER: The intern you met is either a liar or
uninformed... or perhaps both. Your willingness
to assume this about me makes you look
small. (As an aside, "What's wrong with people?")"

Interesting. Why edit her reply from 'stupid'
to 'uninformed'?

I will leave the rest of the content for the readers
here to comment upon.

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