Friday, November 17, 2006

November 17 OTR: Did OJ confess?

Tonight, Greta Van Susteren ended her program
with a clip from her 2004 interview with OJ Simpson,
asking, in a tone that seemed to imply he did,
if OJ confessed to her.

I watched her soundbite twice and could not detect
even a subtle confession. What is the point she was
making? She dedicated her entire program to OJ
this evening. Earlier this week, she has dedicated
tiring segments more. She has dedicated more air
time and promotion to OJ than OJ's confessional
special coming up in two weeks on Fox itself spans.

I am going to watch the OJ special. Sue me. If he
wants to confess, let him, I would like to hear how
he does it.

One thing I would like to know. This week I have
heard countless times from anchors that they will
not watch the OJ confession on TV or support any
company that sponsers it. Well, answer this. How will
they know who the sponsors are if they do not plan to
watch it?

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