Saturday, November 04, 2006

Greta was here!

Earlier, I installed software to keep track of
the visitors here at the OTR blog. Although I e-mailed
Greta directly about the site with the link, she seems
to have found it via a different means. According
to the stats, a visitor from the network, Fox News
Channel, from the geographical location of Washington,
D.C., on November 3 (yesterday), visited the google
search engine and entered the following keyword phrase:

"Van Susteren"

Upon returning results for the search, the visitor
clicked on this blog site and while here, visited two
of the site's pages. Welcome, Greta! I hope you
visit often and learn plenty. There is no such thing
as negative publicity, remember.

As an aside (a Greta-ism!), here is more information
garnered from the stats. The rest of the visitors from
yesterday found their way here via google keyword searches
relating to the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case post I published
yesterday. From NJ, CA, ME, IL,NY and AR. It will be exciting
to get some from NC for that Duke case. I will try to post
more on the topic as material permits. Our visitor from
Rock Island, IL visited more pages than I did all day
while publishing all the posts! Welcome all.

Please take a moment to leave comments on the posts. Commenting
is not moderated and you may select 'anonymous' instead of needing
to log into an account with a password. Know that you will be
heard here, unconditionally and uncensored. No handpicking of
select comments to publish like Greta does on her Gretawire
blog. No fear of having your good name smeared because Greta
doesn't agree with your comment or presence or for not
worshipping her sufficiently, just post anonymously.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It could have been one of her researchers. In any case what happend to the entry about boycotting Nancy Grace? That as well as my comment seems to have disappeard in just a few hours :)

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