Monday, November 06, 2006

Duke Rape:
"A Referendum on the System of Justice"

Tomorrow is election day for Mike Nifong, the
Durham, NC district attorney running for election.
On October 27 OTR, Greta Van Susteren had to ask
her guest Woody Vann, a Durham defense attorney,
who was running against Nifong. Actually, she first
asked IF anyone was running against Nifong, LOL. Not
that she had not been covering the topic all summer long
and reported on the DA election since June when write-in
candidates petitioned to appear on the ballot for tomorrow's
election. I worry about Greta sometimes. Does she
have a brain tumor? Her memory lapses are so severe.
Woody told Greta that Lewis Cheek is running against
Nifong as a recall candidate. Excellent! Vote Cheek
and Recall Nifong! (That's what I would do if I lived
in that district.)

Greta went on to ask about referring Nifong to the Bar.
How could she not know that he has already been reported
to the Bar and has charges pending upon the outcome the
Duke Lacrosse Rape case? My reading on the case is that
Duke Law professor James Coleman filed the bar complaint
late last spring.

October 27: "I'm beginning to think there is
something wrong with Nifong!"

Now, Greta? You do not remember wondering that in September
and June? The rest of the media world was. What about back
in the days when you had Susannah Meadows from Newsweek
on? She flipped on Nifong's goodness a way long time ago.

Greta also asked about the grand jury transcripts. How can
she cover this case as an attorney herself all these months
and not know that NC does not transcribe grand jury hearings?

She tells Jeff Brown on her panel that she wants to hear from
Nifong himself. She says it so nonchalantly as if it would be
just a fine thing to do. She cannot have a clue that Nifong is
under a gag order that prevents him from talking to the media.
She should know that though. Shouldn't she?

Greta does not go so far as to endorse Nifong's opponent, Lewis
Cheek. She instead says all eyes should be on this election. "It
is a referendum on the system of justice down there and we
should all be watching it." If she is going to go so far as to call
it a referendum, she might as well say 'Recall Nifong'. It is the
same thing right? Unless she doesn't think in-justice is a bad
thing. She sneaks in just enough editorial journalism to squeak,
but not enough to make a difference. Why is she so afraid?

It is too bad Greta does not take the Duke case serious enough
to treat it as anything but info-tainment journalism. What
a waste of a law degree. The media is the one constituent that
has the power to make a difference when blatant injustices
arise. The media informs the uninformed. But how can anyone
uninformed about this case give Greta or OTR any credibility
when she knows so little of the facts of the case? I personally
have followed this case since about day 10. I first learned
about it watching the now extinct Abrams Report. Where is
Dan the Man when we need him most? That guy at least did his
homework and never went on the air with this case to require
memory refreshments of himself like Greta. Her journalism is
shoddy and it is taking up vital primetime space that could
be had by someone like Dan. And even worse, it is not like Greta
is new to this case. She has been reporting on it nearly once a
week for six months. Is she just reading the tele-prompt? In one
ear and out the other? Is her memory like my PC? Turn on the
power in the morning and all of yesterday's windows have
disappeared? Is she ill? Should I be giving her a break or
kicking her butt?


Anonymous said...

After a good start, Fox News has been disappointing for months. Not only Greta but others, Lineup, Megan Kendall, etc. completely unprepared. Woody Vann, one of the Courthouse Gang, not the best one to ask, either.

otrblog said...

Lewis Cheek was just on Catherine Crier Live and said he saw a poll on Friday:

Nifong 33%
Cheek 32%
Monks 5%

It has my hopes up.

otrblog said...

Also, WRAL is reporting that county results will be released sometime after 8:30pm ET. Two more hours...Go Cheek!!

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