Monday, November 20, 2006

Good News Corp.

News Corporation owns Fox News which owns On The
Record with Greta Van Susteren. They just now cancelled
OJ! Good. It was News Corp. at the top of that fiasco
with Rupert Murdoch responsible for hiring Judith Regan
of ReganBooks at Harper Collins and the host of the
Fox Broadcast program about OJ Simpson. News Corp.
owns all of them top to bottom. I wonder if this means
they plan to cancel Greta too? She better shape up!

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The Gorilla Guys said...

Thanks for the comment on our Greta post. We are based in South Central Pa and were graced by Greta's presence for a few days after the Amish school shootings. I swear to god the woman is part vulture. Anyway, we at are happy to do whatever we can to expose this wretched woman for the ambulance chasing succubus that she is. Have a great day!

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